Could a great food experience improve your health?

Billede 119

I went to Japan in 2005 – the above picture is taken at a “Ryokan” (guesthouse) in Tokyo.

Running through the images again, I realize I have had some of the most healthy and great culinary experiences there.

Not only low in carbs, but the healthy dishes is also looking beautiful. The different serving bowls and variation in materials that they are made of – made the whole experience magnificent. I truly see a link between the experience of tasting, eating and to be a part of the asian culture. And I think there is a ‘food for thought’ to implement, for facing the rising challenges in the welfare sector in DK. Especially when cancer patients loose their hunger when being at a hospital. Or people old of age, who are taken care of in the public sector loose weight and thereby quality of life.

My suggestion would be a more natural+colorful approach to ingredients, changing the bowls and plates to be designed in different and various materials, to create a sensational and emotional experience.

But of course, this have to be investigated further – nevertheless it is an interesting issue for a research proposal!

Billede 114

Billede 118

Billede 062

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