Observing assisted living technology in praxis.


From May 2014 to October 2014 I was working as a care worker at Stefanshjemmet, a social care home in Aarhus, Denmark. This to understand the social care sector, spending time with the people working in the field. A bonus to this situation is that the team is both physic- and occupational therapists, nurses, care workers and pedagogic. Unfortunately I was not allowed to wear a camera all the time, but at my last shift I got permission to take some pictures at the ward.


Another bonus was the lovely friendships I built there, with the citizens living at the home. They suffered from severe brain damages and physical handicaps. Some without speech, mobility or several diagnosis combined. A job both psychological and physical demanding. But some of the best six months spend in my life! A learning journey for my personal as well as professional life as a designer.


I now see myself in a stronger position and relation to the people sitting everyday in a wheelchair, understanding the challenges they are facing. What I saw is also a space for much more creativity, new thinking and assisted living technology designed with an empathic approach! But not only to put in new inventions and more design – also a huge respect to the people living and working in that sector everyday.

Thanks to my patient friends and co-workers – I now see myself as a trained observer and newcomer in the social care sector.

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