Writing a chapter for a book

For a long time I have wanted to learn others to use design and creative thinking methods for changing the social and the health sector. A month ago I got an e-mail from a publisher in Copenhagen who is about to edit a book for nursery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and bio analytic  educations in Denmark.

The editor wants me to write a chapter about the role of the citizen/patient as co-designer. A job I all ready have some great cases about – read for example about my Masters project in Design Health & Wellbeing or The Design for Social Relationship Project.

Furthermore I am inspired by Elizabeth Sanders theories on creativity and design research. She is also an open source person which I really like, cause if you are not able to share your learnings, who else will know?

The book will be published in autumn in the new year, and I can’t wait to get started on my chapter – Oh wait, I have all ready started a bit, and hope you will follow my writings along this blog!


The image is taken by me, supervising pedagogues from the social sector getting a design diploma education from Design School Kolding. I was supervising them for an hour on their prototypes and further steps, as part of my PhD in accessory and welfare design. The pedagogues had some really interesting ideas, and the task was for them to use design methods for convincing their colleagues and the rest of their organization, before implementation.

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